About us

We’re here for the long haul to help your business thrive.

Focused on
Learning & Growing

Red Dress Marketing Solutions is a Digital Marketing Company specializing in Online Marketing and Web Development. For the last 8 years, our company has focused on superior service and marketing results.  We utilize cutting-edge technology and advanced tracking for your marketing efforts so that you’ll know when something is working and when it’s not.  We also work alongside our clients to help them maximize their marketing and project budgets.

Who Are We?

A Certified Google Partner

The main reason you want to work with a marketing company like us is to get your site ranked higher on Google. While basic SEO can help with that, working with a Certified Google Partner is even more beneficial for your website’s growth.

Our employees stay up to date on their Google performance and certifications. We also get insider information that helps us update your website before your competition can.

A Client-Focused Company

When you collaborate with us, that doesn’t mean you’re just handing your site over with no say. Our customer-focused team will build your site based on specific requests so that it matches your ideal setup.

If you want us to change something, we won’t take personal offense. Our goal is to make sure you have the website you want without the stress of creating it yourself.


We don’t just make opinion-based decisions. Rather, we research and consider all the important factors before we implement anything. Here at Red Dress Marketing Solutions, we:

– Plan Ahead

– Stay Contingent

– Use Evidence-based Methods

What We Do Best

Online Marketing

Audience Analytics

Professional Copywriting

Web Design & Development

Social Media Marketing

Advanced SEO Ranking

Email Marketing

Google Ads