Customer Relationship Management


Marketing is complex. Red Dress Marketing Solutions is here to help.

Why We’re The CRM For You!

The best way to save money is by combining your resources. When you choose SharpSpring, you’ll gain access to a full set of features, unlimited training and support calls, and much more.

Certified SharpSpring Partners

Drive More Leads

It’s all about finding the leads that benefit you most.

Convert Leads to Sales

Once we find the right leads, we will turn those leads into sales.

Optimize Your Funnel

Figure out your true ROI through end-to-end analytics.

We’ll Guide You Through The Setup Process

Setting up a CRM can be a very time-consuming and confusing process. When you choose us to manage your CRM, you don’t have to worry about struggling through the setup process. Our certified SharpSpring partnership gives us the power to manage your business easily. We’ll guide you through the entire setup process and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Keep Connected

Today’s Technology Stack Was NEVER Intended To Work Well Together

When something breaks, there’s no one to call because every tech feature you’re using belongs to someone different. We’ll help you avoid this tangled web by utilizing a single-contract relationship.


You don’t have to worry about breaking the rules when using us as your CRM. The software we use is compliant with GDPR, CASL, and similar laws. Spam fines are a thing of the past.

Unified Database

That tangled web of programs is no longer a worry when you choose us. When something in your system breaks, it’s impossible to track it down unless you have a unified system like SharpSpring. 

Unlimited Phone Support

No matter what goes wrong or what questions you have, our phone support team is here to assist you. 

Ready To Optimize Your Business?

SharpSpring allows you to connect all your resources, providing you with the best customer relationship management possible. It’s normal to have questions before taking the plunge, so contact us here with any inquiries or concerns. We look forward to hearing from you!